QotD: If you could only save one thing in a house fire (thing, not person), what would it be and why?

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I’m sick, so I don’t really feel like blogging – hence the QotD quick blog. Always leave’em with something to read, right?

Now, as for the answer, I’d have to say my Piano.

Yeah, I know I couldn’t just carry it out in a house fire. No, I’d have to call the movers and set up an appointment. So it would have to be a fairly slow-moving house fire.

But let’s just say, by some miracle, I had a shrink gun and could shrink it down and bring it with me…but then that begs the question of whether it would shrink the whole thing down including the weight, or whether all the mass would still be there, just packed more densely together? In which case, I still wouldn’t be able to lift it!

Why can’t I have an easy-to-carry item, like Junkii? He says he’d take his Mac Powerbook. Oh sure! leave me to beat off the flames raging towards my instrument of choice!

Of course my second choice wasn’t much better: my entire CD collection. I could move it on my own all at once – only piece by piece. And it would take some preparation. The fire could move faster, but still, it couldn’t be a raging inferno.

Maybe I would be blessed with some sort of mutant power – or Jedi mind power – that would let me levitate it outside. I think it would fit through the window if I broke it, but I’m not sure.

I better go measure. Just in case I develop this power, I should be prepared.


3 responses »

  1. margotinto says:

    why don't you develop the power to put out fires instead?

  2. The QUestion was what would you save, not what superpower would you develop. Gosh!

  3. Lex says:

    If you had Jedi mind power you should save the universe, silly!

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