Bottoms up!

Bottoms up!

Yup, summer’s almost over. It’s been getting colder for the past few weeks and I’ve been reduced to wearing a sweater to bike to work in the morning! Soon I’ll have to put on winter gloves too. 😛

Well, we had a respite this weekend. The sun shone, and we could emerge from our pre-hibernation state for a few hours wearing short-sleeves and shorts. (It’s really the light-weight clothing I miss most when summer heads south…and you better believe we took advantage of the situation!)

We marched right down to the ByWard Market and plunked ourselves on the nearest patio to people-watch and to down a few pints of ale (and some deep fried snacks, I’m ashamed to say). What a wonderfully lazy way to spend an afternoon with chums. It’s sad to think that the snow will be flying soon, and we’ll have to wait another eight months before we get to hang out in the open air again and watch the eye candy.

I feel lucky that we got this last chance at summer 2006. Now where’s my parka?


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