We had puffs, but I can't find an image, so here's a more standard poppadum.

We had puffs, but I can’t find an image, so here’s a more standard poppadum.

Adding to Lex’s recent blog post on 50 things to eat before you die, I think another food item that should be on the list is shrimp chips – if for no other reason than they look SOOOO COOOOL when they’re fried up! Check out the video below for an example.

But beyond that, they’re also tasty. Mighty tasty.

Well, tonight we wanted chips (or shrimp chips, or anything salty and crunchy, really) but didn’t feel like going out. Thankfully, Lex had brought us some puff-up poppadoms on her last visit and so we made those (inspired by the video). They also look cool when they puff up… and with a little Kernel’s BBQ seasoning, they were super yummy.

I just wish we had taken a video. Oh well, next time. We still have half a bag!


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  1. Lex says:

    Shrimp Chips definitely deserve to be on the list! I think we're going to have to start a CheapEats 50 things to eat before you die list. Cuz some of that other list is suspect. I mean "pasta" phht! What kind of "pasta"???? Video! Video! I want a video!

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