Oh! Look at this… it’s our newest discovery of a gem on the internet: Tabblo. This is awesome, mostly because it allows you to showcase your photos but doesn’t have the size limits that Flicker does. It’s a very flexible way to share photos, with text blocks and captions. Check it our yourself at http://www.tabblo.com

Update, December 2016: In going back to clean up my old blog posts, I found that this product, called Tabblo, didn’t survive. It was a nice way to display photos and text in a magazine layout format, but clearly the company didn’t make a go of it. So the link no longer works. Instead, I’ve decided to add a few photos from our 2007 New York City trip below, just for the record.

img_0101 img_0001 img_0047 img_0055 img_0070 img_0109 img_0111 img_0118 img_0121 img_0123 img_0126 img_0133 img_0142 img_0145 img_0148 img_0151 img_0185 img_0203 img_0229 img_0232 img_0235 imgp2856 img_0258 img_0282 img_0294 img_0301 img_0306 img_0311 imgp2865 imgp2897 imgp2915 imgp2920


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  1. Goatee says:

    Holy crap! That's #@*%'n awesome! I'll have to set up my own. Do you need to invite me or can I just sign up?

  2. Isn't that awesome?! :)Just sent you an invitation, not sure if that's the email account you want to use with Tabblo, but you can always sign up on your own – like I did. 🙂

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