Out-of-town guest!

Out-of-town guest!

Success! We threw a big house party on Saturday night. The only requirement was that you had to wear a wig.

Punishment wigs were available for those who came unprepared, but thankfully almost everyone really got into the spirit of the evening. We couldn’t have been happier with the way people embraced the idea, and there were some fabulous costumes to boot!

There was a big crowd – probably our biggest party yet – made up of a fairly diverse mix of our friends, and lots of people who didn’t know one another, but everyone got along swimmingly. We just wish you had all come with more of an appetite. We’ll be eating leftovers for weeks!

Sadness about the fact that none of our Toronto friends were able to join us – and a big thank you to Jeff for his advice in organizing this event and supplying the punishment wigs – but there’ll be other opportunities. And besides, we did have an out-of-town guest from Montreal to help us clean up afterwards 🙂

You can check out a few more photos below.

Punishment wig!

Punishment wig!











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