While it’s never been a Vox Question of the Day, it’s pretty clear that concerns about the kind of music kitties listen to have been on most people’s minds for many years. Thankfully, our friends in the Netherlands at B3TA Stuff have done some research on this very topic.

Turns out, Cats are very much like us. They have wide and varied taste in music, and, as you will see in this brief glimpse into Kitty listening habits, they are all hyper-attuned to the rhythm.

Watch now… and learn the mysteries of the Kitty DJ!









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  1. Goatee says:

    Ah yes, the Music Cats™. I first heard of them when I was in my hotel room in Paris. Sarah was checking her e-mail on my laptop, and she saw something that made her laugh so hard, she couldn't breathe.

  2. Lex says:

    I'm not even in Ottawa and you still have me watching outrageously funny videos before 9am on Saturday morning. Corrupters!

  3. Yes, we credit Sarah with finding them, but she didn't blog it, and that's the real test of how great something is! 🙂

  4. Lex says:

    Whoops – forgot to "this is good" this… because it really is! I'm still chuckling, and I'm considering waking Ger up to inflict it upon him.

  5. canamgal says:

    I f*@%ing love this video sequence…. and you guys know I barely ever say the "F" word!

  6. canamgal says:

    so completely off topic of dancing kitties…. Love the change in "header"…. are you going to keep us guessing or just testing out new ones till you find one that fits perfectly

  7. We'll just keep changing as nice theme's present themselves. There's no reason to commit to one design — one tends to tire of it.

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