The Devil Wears Prada was a light movie, but it could have been so much more. It started sort of like a Cinderella story, and thankfully it at least moved on to become a morality tale about following your own path rather than just chasing a career you don’t care for. But if it had delved more into showing how people can change, and maybe not wrapped up everything in quite such a Hollywood way, it could have been so much better.

They had some good potential for character development – Anne Hathaway’s changing relationships with her friends and boyfriend as she becomes involved in the world of high fashion –  but by only touching on it in the most cursory way, the audience is left not caring about whether the secondary characters are there or not. It becomes all about the flash, the bitchiness, the next zinger!

Still, it’s not a bad film, but mostly because of some great performances. Stanley Tucci is fantastic as Hathaway’s workplace confidante and friend. And of course Streep is unbelievably good. Miranda – the boss – is really the only character that makes the story stand out. All the better because it’s played by Streep. And far from being over the top, she plays it very restrained. She never raises her voice, but you know she’s ready to kill. She does more with a look than most actors can with pages of dialogue. It’s no surprise she’s been on the academy short list so often.

Anyway, overall, not a brilliant film. Entertaining, but without Meryl, this would have been nothing special. Worth a watch if you want something a little fluffy – but are not in the mood for a full-on romantic-comedy schmaltz-fest.


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