Okay, so within the span of one week, we’ve been tagged by three people (at least two of whom are completely unrelated as far as we know) demanding we tell five things about ourselves that nobody knows. We’re not doing it individually! We’ll tell you five things about ourselves as a couple. And that will be the end of it.

The tagging stops here. We’re not tagging anyone else with this chain-letter nonsense. Can’t you see we have more important things to blog about?! Look at the consistency of our posts! One a day…er…wee…, mont…well, okay, I guess we have time to do this.

Here goes.

1. Alternative Housing
During our quest for a house, we seriously considered buying a place right on King Edward Ave., near the bridge to Hull. The traffic noise would have been atrocious, but we were seduced by the interior decor of the house. Thankfully, my parents talked some sense into us and we wound up with a wonderful space (which we take possession of on Friday – fingers crossed).

2. Alternative Lodging
Several years ago, before we had a place to crash in Toronto (Thanks Lex’n’Ger and Margot’n’Taj!) Mel and I took a getaway to Toronto to visit his cousin — who had moved there from Malaysia. We stayed at some low-end hostel (Ron’s first time in a hostel). The only good memory about the place is that we went out at about 2 a.m. and found a convenience store on Queen Street where we bought a Sara Lee chocolate chip cheesecake. We ate the whole thing. YUM!

3. Alternative Transport
We both use McConville’s garage as our mechanic because they supply loaner cars free of charge. Even for an oil change! Now that’s service.

4. Alternative Diet
While we were in Malaysia (in 2005), one of the more obscure dishes we had was basically a rice pudding with deep fried pork intestine. The pork intestine was surprisingly good — it was crispy and tasted a bit like pork rinds. Mmmm…pork rinds.

5. Alternative Energy
When we do Step class at the gym, both of us feed off each others’ energy and, by the time track three starts, we’re both hooting and screaming up a storm. The teachers love us because we’re like cheerleaders. It helps keep the rest of the class movin’. Of course the risk is that people will call us ‘teacher’s pet’ but they’re just jealous 🙂


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  1. Lex says:

    Fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crosssed – I'm disgustingly excited for you! Can't wait to see it… though I still haven't seen Jeff's either. argh!

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