Okay, so the first one I did was never submitted (even if I WAS very pleased with the outcome). The second one DID get submitted, but didn’t get accepted (I assume  because either the image resolution was crappy or because the at-risk youth who run Mercer’s website are too young to remember “You Can’t do that on television.”

Psht. Punks.

But this one HAS to get in, no?! I mean come on – I know it’s not quite as professional as someone with real skill can do, but it’s as good or better than a lot of the stuff that gets submitted to the Rick Mercer photo challenge. And the image quality is pretty high. So if it doesn’t get posted, I’m gonna be pissed. Or at least pissy.

Anyway, you know the drill by now. Here’s the original:

Conservative party member of provincial parliament John Baird John Baird (L) is escorted from the Legislature by the Seragent-At-Arms as Finance Minister Greg Sorbara delivers the first Ontario budget for the Liberal Party at Queen’s Park in Toronto, May 18, 2004. Baird was escorted from the Legislature for inappropriate behavior. REUTERS/Mike Cassese MC

And here is my hilarious twist on it:

Conservative Kitty


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