I went to the gym yesterday. Nothing special there, I've been going pretty steadily since we returned from Arizona.  Anyway, it was raining here yesterday and I was in a hurry to get to the gym so I could make sure I got a spot for the class. There's limited space so they hand out tickets to those who arrive first. I wanted to make sure I got my ticket, and I was running a bit late.

quickly packed my gym bag and was just ready to leave when I saw that my water bottle was still on my desk. So I quickly shoved it in the front section of my bag and headed off.

got about a block away from my office building before I felt that the calf of my pants were wet. I looked back and saw a spot of water, thinking either someone splashed me with a nearby puddle or else I was somehow kicking up water onto myself by walking too fast.

So I soldiered on.

About 30 seconds later I decided the wetness was getting worse and it dawned on me: my water bottle was leaking!

I quickly whipped off my pack and inspected the mess. Thankfully, because I had thrown it in the front section of the bag, the water did nothing but ruin a package of Kleenex. It did pool in the bag though and I had to tip the excess out. I was able to get to the gym in time for class though, because my clothes didn't get wet.

Let this be a lesson: always close your water bottle firmly!

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