We have a deck on the back of our new house, but while it's spacious, it's a bit ratty at the moment. The paint is peeling and it needs a new coat so that you don't get paint chips all over your feet when you go out for a beer.

So now we're in the long process of refinishing. The first step is to get the existing crud off, and so I borrowed a pressure washer from my parents to avoid all the heavy shoulder work of scraping. And it was working great too. 10 minutes into it and the paint was coming off nicely.

Then Melvin appeared at the door. "There's water pouring into the laundry room!" he says.

Apparently the hose spigot that's out on the deck — a spigot we haven't used since moving in — is broken. It must have  frozen  and cracked over the winter, and when we turned it on, it began to leak inside the walls (Or, judging from the amount of water, it began to gush).

It was leaking down from the ceiling in the laundry room (on the lower level) getting into the dryer, and all over the floor and into the drywall. What a mess. Thankfully that room is set lower than the others and there's a drain in the floor, so it was localized. And thankfully Mel went inside the house, or the damage could have been way worse.

As it stands, it was just an annoyance to clean up the water in the dryer (which also got into the exhaust hose and pulled that off the back of the dryer) and around the many boxes still on the floor of the laundry room. There was already some water damage in the drywall from an earlier leak, so that didn't bother us too much.

The leak stopped when we shut off the hose, so now it's a matter of cutting away the ceiling and having a plumber come replace the damned spigot. Not sure when we'll get to that.

We were able to finish the pressure washing by running the hose to the spigot in the garage. The next step is to do some sanding with a power sander (again avoiding physical labour). But given our luck, we'll probably start a fire with that!

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