When we moved in, the welcome mat that was at the front door was ratty and disgusting. It quickly hit the trash leaving us with no place to wipe our feet before entering. As a result, we had plenty of arguments over the amount of crud in the foyer left over from dirty winter boots.

And yet we were at a loss to find something decent to replace it with.

Most welcome mats look pretty hokey. There are plenty of designs – featuring kittens, puppies, sillhouetted Victorians – that would appeal to kindly old ladies, but there's little for a couple looking for something clean and modern.

Thankfully, while browsing at Domus for a gift this weekend, we came across a series of mats with a great sense of humour and simple designs. It sends a bit of a mixed message, but here's our new door mat.

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  1. Lex says:

    Would you believe that our downstairs neighbours have the same message matt? Combined with their WIFI network being named "Hands Off Bitch", I'm getting a kind of hostile message from them. However, in front of your door this is funny!

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