You know radio sucks, right? Yeah, well, so does my CD player, so I'm kinda stuck with radio until I can afford to get it fixed. Which means a lot of me hitting 'seek' to try, desperately, to find something decent to listen to.

It is with disappointing rarity that I am ever surprised. But it does happen. Case in point. I'm driving home from piano lesson and don't I hit upon a francophone radio station playing a franco-pop song. But it's totally cool, and I'm mesmerized by it. All I can think of is "my god, it's in French. How the hell am I gonna find out what this song is called so I can download it?"

I speak some French, but the I'm listening for lyrics and nothing is jumping out at me. I've stopped the car at this point and I'm desperately scribbling any lyrics I can make out in the hopes of finding it through google. And good thing I did too, cuz the radio announcer was no help. (are they ever?)

Deux Par Deux Rassemblés
Pierre Lapointe

After a mad dash home to my computer, turns out I had scrawled enough to piece it together: It was Deux Par Deux Rassemblés by Pierre Lapointe. And I've got to find more from this guy. The song is fantastic. Other than the language, this could be in any Quentin Tarantino film and it would not sound outta place. Granted, a few real strings to replace the keyboards would be awesome, but this tune just sticks in my head. It's got a great '60s vibe to it. Love it!

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