This is a bit late, but whatever. We're not beholden to anyone but ourselves. No guilt here!
Besides, if you think this post is late, wait until we finally post our pics from Toronto 🙂
Canada day was a mixed bag this year. First, it was nice to be in Ottawa for it this year. Last year we were in Toronto and, while we had a ball with our friends, there were no celebrations around the nation's birthday, and we missed that. There were also fantastic fireworks this year – short, but more spectacular than in previous years. They completely lit up the sky at a few points.
Unfortunately, the day was kind of chilly – mostly hovering around 16 degrees with plenty of cloud – so the shirts didn't come off the way they have in past years, and the afternoon crowd was pretty small in comparison to previous years. Thankfully, the clouds parted late in the day and by dusk and the crowd had grown in anticipation of the fireworks.

We went down to watch near the National gallery after a relaxing dinner of Chinese food on our newly finished deck (first time hosting an outdoor feast!). And when the fireworks finished, we worked our way through the sea of people by the Chateau Laurier at Wellington and MacKenzie – lots of cuties around, still with shirts on though.- and wound up on Elgin Street. We quickly scooped up the last table at the Fox and Feather pub, had a few pints and some pizza before retiring for the evening.

No photos of the evening adventure, but you can check out some of the sights from the afternoon on the Hill.

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