What board game are you really good at?  Really bad at?

I'm not particularly good at any game, but there are a couple of European games that I love. The first is Settlers of Catan – which has an incredibly complex set of rules, but is surprisingly easy to understand. It was invented by Germans. Go figure. The point is to build your own little empire faster than anyone else. The first person to get 10 points wins.

And now I discover there's a version for Xbox 360! Might have to look into that if Microsoft ever solves all the glitches. Here's a screen shot:

The other game is British — and I'm sure it was put out by the British rail system as a bit of propaganda, but it's just a simple fun race game that lets you really try to screw with your competitors.

As for games I'm bad at, there are a multitude. But I'm absolutely bollocks at the game of Life. I think it's cuz I always land on the graduate student's salary and wind up with too little money by the end of the game. Screw you, Milton Bradley!

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