I Thought We Had
The Family Stand

I find music where I can. If I like a song I hear on the speaker at the gym, I'll listen for lyrics and google it later. With radio what it is in Ottawa, there are precious few opportunities for me to hear decent songs.

That's one of the main reasons I watch So You think You Can Dance. It started because my partner liked the show – I was never really much of a dance aficionado – but week after week I was usually pleasantly surprised by at least one song that the contestants were asked to dance to. ANd they always listed the song and artist at the beginning of each dance, so no need to scour the internet. All the info I needed was right there.

The most recent discovery came last week – a fantastic piece of music by the Family Stand – a band I had never heard of but which apparently has a pretty big fan base despite having been on hiatus for several years. Anyway, the song is great and has some really neat progressions. But the overall feeling is soft, flowing, and melancholy – almost like Moby's Porcelaine, but with a kick ass vocal line. I've been obsessed with it all week.

I'm truly impressed and eager to find more by this band. Heck I might even shell out and buy their new CD (which this track is from, BTW)

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