This weekend we went to see the new Harry Potter film. Emma Watson is still a bad actress, and Michael Gambon's Dumbledore is still too crusty (Oh how I miss the gentleness of Richard Harris), but this is definitely an improvement over the last film. For a start, the casting for Dolores Umbridge was inspired – and her costume and dialogue were spot on!


It's really a very good adaptation of the book. It kept all the major polot points and even improved on them in places – making Umbridge's reign at Hogwart's akin to the work of the right wing junta currently running the US. The director also cleared out a lot of the garbage that mucked up the end of the book – the scene at the Ministry of magic (which was way too garbled in Rowling's version) is tight and clear – we always know where everyone is and what they're doing. And the final scene adds a little extra between Harry and Voldemort that wasn't in the book, but that helps fill in a bit about the connection between the two.

Anyway, suffice it to say, it's worth a viewing – assuming you enjoy the series already.

Compulsory rant about theatre prices
: I don't mind so much the cost of the tickets – we went on a Saturday night and it cost $20 for the two of us. That's fine – not a big deal. What really disturbs me is the cost of food. A medium popcorn and a small bott le of water cost $10. The water was $3. OH MY GOD, I PAID $7 FOR A BAG OF POPCORN!

As Ramsay says…fuck me.

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