Philip Glass seems to have become the composer of film music – often stealing from his own earlier works to complete a film score. Not that there's anything wrong with that – he's written some wonderful music, and why not set it out for a wider audience than will likely hear it in a concert setting. (Ah movies, the great equalizer!). At least he's not pilfering from other composers like James Horner does. Hack!

Anyway, like I said, there's some great Glass music in the archive. His solo piano stuff is gorgeous. But for my money, his violin concerto is probably one of his best works — especially given that the concerto form itself has been around so long and there are so many fantastic examples of how to do it right. For Glass to take on that form and still come up with something so unique, interesting (let alone mesmerizing) is a feat to be admired.

The third movement (check it out below) is one of the most driven movements of any music that I've heard. The simple repetitive nature of it belies the fact that it would be music that just makes you want to run or jump or speed around on a motorcycle. I think it's the alternating between the simple arpeggiated violin and the full tutti orchestra that gives it so much momentum.

And then the way it just kind of withdraws in the last couple of minutes is so tender. It just disappears into itself. Have a listen:

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