We're so totally behind in our movie-going, it's ridiculous. Before the Harry Potter film, I think the last movie we saw in theatres was Grindhouse (which was way totally awesome, by the way). Well last night we finally put a couple of this summer's threequels under our belts. Here are a couple of micro reviews.

Shrek the Third: Unfortunately, we saw this in a theatre full of kids (that will teach us to go to the early show of a kids' movie). In fairness, there probably weren't that many kids – just two or three really loud and obnoxious ones. Oh how we hate it when parents refuse to train their children. It's not out of order to make sure your kids behave in a movie — even if it is a kids' movie. This isn't about the loud laughing or even requests to explain the finer plot points — that's fine — this is about letting your kids run free. Keep'em in their seats, people!

It kind of ruined the experience, but the experience wasn't anything special to begin with, so no harm done. This third installment was short – only about 80 minutes – and yet it didn't feel rushed because there wasn't much of a story to begin with. The first two Shreks were so clever and energetic, and this one just kind of sat there like a limp noodle. I guess it's not surprising . Given how well they mined the storybook fables for the first two films, it would be hard to come up with more inside jokes. There wasn't much source material left to pilfer for the third one. There were a few fun scenes – the gingerbread man's flashbacks were funny, and the scenes with all the fairytale princesses were good – but mostly it was full of morality lessons and sight gags that didn't work on the same level as the first two Shreks. All in all, it was a bit disappointing, and while it might be worth a rent if you have kids, skip it otherwise.

Ocean's 13 goes back to the style of the first Ocean's movie, leaving behind the depressing European feel of the 2nd installment. This one is more fun and more upbeat, although way more complicated than 11 – and that's where this begins to fall apart. It's too clever for its own good and would require multiple viewings (and maybe subtitles) to catch all the intricacies. Check the IMDB message board and you'll find an inordinate number of people asking for clarification about any number of scenes and plot threads.

It's still a fun movie though, and it's always nice to see this cast work together. It's obvious they have fun doing these movies, and it's too bad this is probably the last one. Despite the twistiness, it's still worth seeing and might even warrant a second look once it hits the video store.

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  1. Lex says:

    Shrek 3 – your dad, the king, dies and you inherit the kingdom right? Not in this movie… somehow the rightful heir is bypassed for her bumbling husband. So much for the running anyone-can-be-anything theme. Now, run, do not walk, RUN out and see Ratatouille!!!!NOW!Then report back.

  2. Yeah, I thought that was strange too. I kept thinking "Shouldn't Fiona be queen with Shrek in the 'Prince Philip' role?" But maybe Far Far Away is not ruled in the same way as our British Model. Maybe given the misanthropy of old fairy tales they were trying to run with that theme. Although I don't know ANY system where a son-in-law would be made king. By the way, in the movie, Arthur (the other potential king) says his father left him. Why didn't they explore that facet? I thought Prince Charming was going to turn out to be Arthur's dad. Silly movie. Get a plot!

  3. Lex says:

    Geeze, I hadn't even noticed that… I guess I was too caught up in identifying w/ Fiona… feeling marginalized by a movie and being pissed. (Who knew I had delusions of princess-ness? No… don't answer that!)I love your Arthur the rogue daddy sub-plot! Excellent idea. Yup, we need to do a re-write. I expect we can get M.Tinto to rewrite the part about which parent really flips out about having a kid. Cuz really, changing a diaper ain't nothing compared to an entire person coming out of your body… that is scary!!!Don't get me started on the remake of Mostly Martha… No Reservations indeed. I expect to be disappointed. I loved, Loved, LOVED Mostly Martha.

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