We've been a bit lazy in terms of keeping up on this blog. oh well, too bad for all you avid readers. 😛

It's not like we don't have lots of fodder either. We went to GreekFest, checked out the newest farmer's market in Old Ottawa East, spent a day at the Petrie Island beach, missed Ottawa Pride altogether, and have gone out several times for dinner. Add to that a lingering need to post photos from our June trip to Toronto – something that seems less and less likely to happen – and there are ample opportunities to write up interesting tidbits on what we've been up to.

In any case, looks like it might be a few more days before we start blogging with any regularity. On Wednesday I go in for my eye surgery – which means I'm not going to want to look at a computer screen for at least a week.

The big question will be "what will I look like without glasses?!"
It's a mystery!
I guess we'll know after Wednesday

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  1. Lex says:

    Wednesday!!! What?!? Did time really move that fast?Good luck on Wednesday!

  2. margotinto says:

    Well, I have stated my preference of you with glasses, but being a lifetime glasses wearer, I understand the attraction of never having to wear them again. Good luck et bon courage!

  3. Lex says:

    I have to say that the longer you go without glasses, the better you look…. no that didn't come out right! I think there is a thing where glasses wearers actually look funny without their glasses because they can't see without their glasses. So they look a little befuddled.You are losing the befuddled look. That's what I meant… sort of. ;->

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