I've finally healed enough to start reading vox again. Actually I've been back to work since Wednesday, so I've just been lazy. Recovery took about a week – or at least the bulk of recovery. The surgery seems to have gone according to plan.

I was in pain (kind of a stinging like I cut too many onions) for about 4 hours after the surgery, but aside from that, it was mostly just a mild discomfort for about 72 hours – and an all-consuming sense of boredom as I realized I had to sit with my eyes closed for 3 days. I never knew how reliant I was on the telly!

I coped by listening to audio books when I could concentrate, and music when I couldn't bother with books anymore. That, and I slept quite a bit.

I managed to get through the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. (More on that soon). I was surprised I could follow it without physically reading it. Listening to it was a bit tricky at times, but it was something that I just clicked with. I'm not generally a big non-fiction reader, but this really grabbed me. And I have to say it strengthened my own resolve that God does not exist. I've been an atheist for a while, but it's nice to hear a well-reasoned argument about the whole disbelief-in-a-god thing.
I'm now recovered to a point that there's no more pain, no more sensitivity to light, and I'm able to focus pretty well — although small printed text and text on the computer screen in particular tend to give me trouble (and headaches if I read too much). I'm still seeing improvement every day, but it's slow and harder to tell if there is improvement or not. Still, they say it's supposed to keep improving over the next 6 months and, given it's just over a week, I guess I can still be patient.
So next time you see me I should be glasses free – just as I am now – unless something strange and unexpected happens.

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