There is a potential risk that my union at work might be on strike if our management team keeps stalling at the bargaining table. Yesterday, our union members picketed in front of our office as a sign of solidarity, informing the public what's at stakes. A local newspaper reporter came and took this picture of me. I can't say it's a flattering photo… but hey, at least I'm not looking angry.

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  1. margotinto says:

    Come on, I've never seen a picket line look so good. Before I clicked on the pic, I thought it was Rocr writing, and was like, whaaaaaaaa????

  2. No… I'm not in the union at USC – so I won't be going on strike. And besides, we couldn't work without our union members (all 4 of them). They're small in number but they do the bulk of the work there.

  3. Lex says:

    Oh sure… you let the paper photograph you, and people in trees… but dodge and wiggle when I'm pointing my camera at you… that's fair!thanks for the update, I've been fretting from afar.

  4. Maybe it's just that you take too many photos of food (still life) and so we seem to be vibrating when you take photos of us. Maybe you just need practice on humans 🙂

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