Last night we witnessed a ruckus. At about 11pm, the neighbour's dog started barking – which is out of the ordinary, thank heavens – and we heard what sounded like someone rattling beer bottles. Then the bottles started breaking.

We rushed to the window in time to see a woman digging in the back of a pickup truck, grab another bottle or two and throw them on the ground. The neighbour came out to check on the dog then, which seemed to scare away the drunk woman – who then took a walk over to the Legion across the road. Surprise surprise, a legionnaire.

It wasn't long before she was back though, and doing much worse to the truck. She started pulling more bottles out of the truck and firing them around the parking lot. The lot belongs to an electrical contractor, and the first impression was that she was fired and taking out her vengeance on her employer. It seems that it was nothing so sinister. Looks now that it was more of a lover's spat, but we didn't know that at the time. When she decided to take her anger out on the truck – prying at the wipers and the side view mirrors – we decided to call the cops.

In no time, three cruisers swept in and threw her in the back seat. They came to ask us for a witness statement, but once they located the owner of the truck – who was also, not surprisingly, at the Legion – they changed their minds. Evidently the man knew the woman and decided not to press charges. She was released, and that was the end of the matter. The police left almost immediately.

Which is what we take issue with. It's all fine and good to let her go – no charges, no grounds to hold her – but she broke about ten beer bottles in that parking lot and she was in no condition to get home on her own. It seems kind of a half-assed job on the part of Ottawa's finest. Don't the police have a responsibility to make sure she gets home? Or at least that she leaves the scene. They could have at least called her a cab!

And moreover, it seems irresponsible that they not arrange for a city truck to come clean up the mess. No, instead they decided it was none of their business. It was up to the employees of the contractor's office to sweep it up this morning – after they drove over broken glass on their way to park their cars. That hardly seems fair.

Maybe that's how things are done, but that doesn't make it right. We don't give a shit about the jilted woman or her legionnaire lover (by the way, I've made up a whole back story for these idiots in my mind) but I do feel sorry for the people at the contractor's building. I bet they think it was "just kids" – or worse yet, that it was us! After all, most of the bottles were broken just below our balcony. But it wasn't us. And it wasn't kids. This woman was – near as we could tell – in her late 40s and the man was probably even older. People should know better at that age.

And as for the mess … well in our opinion, the police are just as much to blame. 

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