Still no word form the Rick Mercer people about any of my artwork. I guess I'll just have to keep on trying. I've missed a couple of challenges, what with being away and all, but I'm back for the new challenge which features Brian Mulroney – what a great target! Here's the original:

And, after a bit of creative editing… You'll find this in your nearest Wal-mart $1.99 bin. Or maybe at Value Village in the vinyl section:

Frankly, the old K-tel logo might give the Rick Mercer people pause because of potential legal issues. And besides, they don't seem to like the use of text anyway. So I'm not too hopeful for this one. Still… Sharpens my skills. And I can at least share with you, dear reader.

BTW, the idea to change the K-tel to PC-tel was Melvin's, as was a bit of the text on the front. Credit where it's due.

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