I guess it was inevitable. When the U.S. Thanksgiving ended, Christmas CDs were slammed into mall sound systems across North America. And now with the snow starting to fly, it is in fact beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Every year around this time we have an internal debate: do I put up the Christmas tree or not? Actually, it's not always exclusively internal either. Sometimes actual arguing is involved.

It's a lot of work, but we've come to agree that, despite the disarray it causes in the house and the labour involved in putting it up, it does make the house feel more "Christmassy." And since this is our first Christmas in this house, we've decided to bite the bullet this year and trim the tree.

Yay (he says sarcastically).Something to look forward to this weekend.

Oh well, at least when it's done we can sit by the fire, light the tree, and enjoy a glass of wine as the holiday spirit washes over us. Then, on the day after, we can head out to the mall to buy presents!

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  1. margotinto says:

    "I guess…we have..internal debate..do I..actual arguing…we've come to agree…" I'm confused, is Junkii one person or two??? Gawd, you sound like you (singular and plural) are married.

  2. I'm TRYing to be inCLUsive! :PWe've seen how Getablog takes flak for not being more involved in this info-sharing arena. Vox audiences can be harsh! Case in point…

  3. margotinto says:

    Was that a subliminal message for me to TRY to get a CLUe? Talk about harsh. From your tone I will assume that Ron is writing, and using the Royal We.
    Have a great weekend decorating. Now that my Moms Night Out has been cancelled, I'll be doing the same on Saturday, since we'll be here for the holidays, I'd like it to feel Christmassy too.

  4. Clever. I hadn't even noticed that two words in their own right – "TRY" and "CLUe" – were capped. I was just trying to sound exasperated. Sometimes text fails and you need actual audio to get the silliness across.

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