We took a different approach this year.

Rather than fighting crowds of shoppers to find bargains on possessions that, let's face it, we really don't need, we decided to stay home this boxing day.

More particularly, we chose to stay on the couch in front of a roaring fire. All day. And I do mean ALL day.

We set ourselves the task to watch the Lord of the Rings special extended edition from start to finish. The challenge required a bit of planning – which is partly why we didn't get started until 1pm – we hadn't considered a few things.

We were late getting up, which put us behind. Mel prepared lunch and, while he was doing that, I made a Shepherd's pie to throw in the oven around dinner time – so that took some time too. We brought in lots of firewood and had to pause things occasionaly to stoke the flames. But otherwise, it all went pretty smoothly.

The pantry was stocked with lots of chips, ice cream, egg nog, and numerous spirits, all of which we enjoyed during this 13-hour marathon (we finished at 2am). It was worth it, too. We've seen it all before of course, but never in one sitting, and it does hold together really well as a single, albeit immensely long, movie.

Now we'll have to find another saga to watch. Maybe when the Harry Potter movies are done…

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  1. margotinto says:

    Remind me to be at your place for the next blackout. You guys are better prepared for movie-watching than most people are for life's little emergencies. We'll figure out how to cook that shepherd's pie over the roaring fire.

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