Responding to Ron's and Lex's Tags….damn you both!

  1. Most of you obviously don’t know that I do not like getting tag’d. If those cutesy email tags some of you sent before didn’t give you the clue… here it is, loud ‘n clear.
  2. I used to work at Baskin Robbins. My parents thought I lost interests in college because I was too busy working, but it was because I used to stay up every night chatting on IRC.
  3. I used to be very good at physics. Won a champion in a school-wide science trivia back in my high school. Also used to be great at electric organ. Won a state championship one year and represented my home state in the national. Competition was fierce, didn’t do so well there. However, I remember making out with this really cute guy who represented another state. Too bad I can’t remember his name anymore though. Oh you want something nasty? I used to be in a dance troop, traditional Chinese dances all throughout my primary and high school. That’s how I realized I don’t look good in make-up.
  4. I lost the ability to sing ever since I stopped playing music. I can’t even “humm” a tune well enough to let you know what stupid song I have in my head.
  5. Oh, I can never remember lyrics, song titles, celebrity names, movie plots, or titles. Karaoke is made for people like me.
  6. Didn't know where Canada was until I was about to be shipped off here for school. Always thoughts it was around  somewhere near Australia and New Zealand.
  7. Careers that I wanted while growing up: doctor, pharmacist, and a commercial airline pilot. I even went as far as checking out a Singapore Airlines recruitment fair when I was 16, but didn’t stay long because all the people there were in suits, looked way too grown up for me. Oh I used to take my dad’s car to the back of my hometown airport, where I would sit there for hours after school listening to music and watching the planes land and take off.
  8. I ran away from home when I was 8yo after my dad kicked me out one evening. Stupid me, thought it would be okay to say good-bye to my god-parents on the way to a temple. Of course my god-parents abducted me against my will and sent me home. Then my dad had the guts to scold me for leaving! No wonder I’m f’d up today.

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  1. Lex says:

    haha! Tagged, just like us. Reluctant, just like us. Sucking it up and oversharing… just like us. But I got the message – no more tagging!#3 – wow! That's a fantastic group of nasty all wrapped up in one ball. I want to see you in makeup doing physics now though. #6 is hilarious, and #8… well, I still remember you telling me that story. It still blows me away that you were running away to a temple. I wonder where you'd be today if your god-parents hadn't abducted you. I think my life would be a little less rich!Thanks for sharing.

  2. margotinto says:

    This sounds like Good Will Hunting meets Precilla Queen of the Desert. True, I did not know those things about you, but I think I could have guessed at the first one. I was also very good at physics, and got pushed into taking it in university, but I had no passion for it, so I stopped my BSc and went to Thailand on CWY (couldn't have found it on a map to save my life).

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