Back at the end of August, I had laser eye surgery to correct my vision. It worked great, but there was always an unsolved mystery around it.

As part of the process, immediately after the surgery, they place a bandage contact lens over the cornea to prevent the eyelid from rubbing and irritating the eye during healing. They check the healing every day after the surgery and remove the contact lens after 3 or 4 days.

Well, when they tried to remove the lens from my left eye, it shifted and they lost it. They thought it might have fallen out without us noticing, but I figured it probably rolled back behind my eye. That wasn't shocking, I've had that happen before with regular lenses. They generally emerge after a few hours or a day

No such luck with the bandage. It never came out. In fact I forgot about it cuz I thought maybe they were right. Maybe it did drop out and we just didn't notice.

Nope. This morning I woke with redness in my eye. I thought it was the start of an eye infection, so I washed my eye with hot water. As I was doing this, my eye was getting more and more irritated – like there was something in it. So I checked the mirror and I saw what I thought was my cornea coming off! I freaked out for a second because I had completely forgotten about the lens. But sure enough, with a little more coaxing, the lens came out and it was evident what it was.

Needless to say I was relieved my cornea hadn't fallen off. But jeez! That's nearly six months with a lens in behind my eyeball! Freaks me out a little. But since I don't need corrective lenses anymore, at least it should never happen again.

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  1. margotinto says:


  2. It was a minor incident. Like I said, I've lost contacts that way before. I wonder where they go? Do they stay on the back side of the eyeball or do they come off and sit around in the eye socket? In any case, I wouldn't let it put you off. I'd have the surgery all over again in a heartbeat. It's been wonderful for me. Of course, without my glasses I was legally blind.

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