Who was your favorite band when you were in 8th grade?

Ugh. Unfortunately it was Chicago.

Damn – that's not fair, actually. Chicago has put out some really interesting and progressive music in their day. It's just that, when I was listening to them, they had recently found David Foster as a producer and they were pumping out lame-o ballads (well, I find them Lame-o now, but then…) and synth-pop.

They never managed to get back to the improvisational style that made them popular in the '70s though, and they've pretty much fallen off the map at this point – although, as I understand it, they're still together and making music. I'm just not buying it anymore.

And the song that made me love them was "Hard Habit to Break", not "You're the Inspiration". And for those who don't remember it – here it is. Enjoy.

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