Since I embarrassed Lex earlier with her photo in the snow, I thought I'd put myself on public display. This is the first time I've tried recording me playing one of my pieces. Interesting experiment.

I thought I had this piece down pat. I thought I could play it relatively smoothly and at a decent tempo. Even while I was recording it, I thought the only major errors were just wrong notes. I thought wrong.

I've never listened to myself play like this – outside the moment. It's dreadful. It's really hard because I know exactly what I want the piano to do and how it should sound. And when I'm playing, I guess my ear is more forgiving – because I feel like I'm closer to that goal than I really am. So I can still enjoy playing. But to listen to it afterwards, I find this performance too slow, and it's played to haltingly. It's got too many mistakes. The only good thing about it is that the melody line is pretty clear.

Honestly, if I didn't pay my teacher so well, I would feel guilty for making him listen to me. Still, I think I like this exercise – hopefully it will help me grow as a pianist.  And it's a chance for you to hear me, since you can bet I won't be playing for you live anytime soon.

Oh well, I'm probably my own worst critic. Here's Rachmaninoff's Moment Musical No.5. Enjoy as best you can.

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  1. Lex says:

    You are BY far your own worst critic. I love listening to you practice and play when I get to stay at your house. Love it!

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