I know that some of you readers (Sis and Dad, I'm talking to you, among others) enjoy this blog from time to time as a way of keeping up to date on what's new with Mel and I. And that's great! I'm happy we can share with you in this way. But it would be even better if you could interact with us right on the blog.

Unfortunately, Vox doesn't allow non-members to leave comments – which makes it a bit tricky for those without a blog to leave us feedback.

I'd like to suggest that you get a vox membership – it's free – and just maintain the account without ever contributing a single blog post. This is not uncommon. Margotinto's sister torrie-torrie and my colleague Kate Green both do this, as do many others.

I just think it would be nice if we could interact with you directly through the blog rather than waiting to talk to you on the phone. I must say, it's always nice to get new comments. So go to http://www.vox.com/ and get yourself signed up.

Thanks in advance

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  1. You want it….you got it! You will never have a moments peace from me anymore- in fact, I may just start being an avid blogger now- all because of you! I hope you are happy with yourself!

  2. woo hoo – another reader! I think we now have a total of about five.Wow. Ask and ye shall receive.

  3. Meei says:

    Yoo hoo! After resisting for so long you can count me in too . (I hope you're not getting any fringe benefits from vox 😀 )

  4. Wicked! I didn't even know you were a reader!Hey, by the way, looks like Mel's sister is getting married in December '09, so we're looking at making the trek towards the end of next year. Ooh, that gives me a good idea for a post.

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