I have to work harder to get into the loop. I tend to miss out on some great music because I don't leave myself enough time to scour the net for interesting music. I'm certainly not finding it on the radio!

Take these guys for instance – Bitter:Sweet – a jazzy TripHop duo from LA.

I probably would have missed them entirely if a friend hadn't heard their music and brought it to my attention. Unfortunately, lately that's what I've been relying on for musical finds – friends, advertisements, movie trailers, the sound system at the gym, group fitness classes. This approach has left a lot to be desired, to say the least. I'm not finding a lot of worthwhile new music.

Happily, I've found a few music blogs and vox groups that do point me to new stuff once in a while, but I find a lot of the suggestions do tend to sound the same: guitar-driven indie garage-band crap.

So when something like Bitter:Sweet does show up on my radar I get very excited. I'm really impressed by a few of this act's  tracks and, while the album isn't consistently excellent, there's enough good on it to make it worthwhile. Hopefully these two will find their legs and keep putting out new stuff.

Of course…
It's possible that there just isn't all that much interesting music being created after all. Maybe it's not that it's passing me by. Maybe it just doesn't exist. Either way, I suppose it's always good to go back to your stable of reliable artists and enjoy an older track or two.

Bitter:sweet does remind me a lot of DePhazz, a downtempo electronica act that's eclectic, but that usually puts out some great loungy, jazzy offerings. Just for good measure, here's one of the my DePhazz favorites.

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