Looks like I'm going on course at the end of next week to learn how to use Adobe InDesign – a layout software. I'm really excited about it, too. I've downloaded free layout software packages before, and I've never found a single one to be user-friendly.

Not that Adobe is likely gonna be any different. Heaven knows their Photoshop and Illustrator programs are mindbogglingly complex. I can't expect InDesign to be any better. But at least with this, I get to take a two-day course. That should serve me well and get me underway.

And looking at this from a career perspective, InDesign skills will be wonderful to add to my already well-developed (for a non-designer anyway) Photoshop skills. Now, if I can manage to find time to learn Adobe Illustrator (we have a series of educational videos at home), I'll be all set.

But set for what? I can't say I've ever given my career much thought. I kind of stumbled into all my past jobs. I worked in elevators because my uncle got me a job. I moved to USC Canada more because I wanted to get out of the elevator business than because I knew anything about the organization.

I'd make a joke about there being too many ups and downs in the elevator business, but I'm not that desperate. Anyway, it turned out to be a good move because charitable work suits my liberal-mindedness, even if I wasn't particularly skilled at the job I was tasked with.

Then in 2004, I took on the communications role at USC – which was also a good move. I was better suited to it since it was in line with my schooling. And I've been enjoying my job ever since, but I've been working for USC now for more than 8 years. Am I a lifer? It's a tough question for me. It's a great place to work, but there's a downside to every up.

  • I like the non-profit sector because I feel good about the work we do (or try to do anyway), but I'm just not that inspired by agriculture, the organization's focus.
  • I love my co-workers, but many of them have already decided they will move on before long, and I can't vvery well just stick around for the sake of friendship.
  • I know the job well, but that also means I'm not terribly challenged.
  • I'm well-paid, although I'm sure I could find better if not within the non-profit sector, then in government or private sector work. And the mortgage could use some extra income.
  • I work within walking distance of home, and near to the gym, but I could always limit my search to jobs within the downtown core. And besides, I do have a car.

You've probably guessed that it's been on my mind for a while now, but I haven't come to any conclusions. I had always thought I'd do this for four or five years to gain some practical experience in communications before moving on. Well, it's been 4-5 years.

In fairness, I'm still learning. I spend a lot of time developing our website – which involves both writing and developing some technical skills I never thought I'd have. I'm also using the Adobe products more, which will be valuable to any prospective employer.

I guess I'll wait it out for a few more months and see how my InDesign skills come along before I make a decision . In the meantime, I suppose I should get my resumé in order. I don't fancy the task – I hate resumé writing – but it would be a shame if I spied a suitable job advert and didn't have it ready to go.

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  1. Lex says:

    Wow, I'd kill for a some free InDesign training. We're doing all our book layout with Quark Express (which is good) but I've heard fantastic things about InDesign and it's a hugely transferable skill for both full time and freelance work. Colour me jealous, and then add a pop quote, a bulleted list of reasons why, and insert a picture of me that you've shaded green centered in the middle of the page.

  2. Can it be the picture where you've fallen down in the snow? <evil grin>

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