A friend of mine at work showed me a T-shirt she got from American Apparel.
I nearly fell on the floor laughing.
I have a sick sense of humour.

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  1. HEATHEN! HEARTLESS! IN-HUMANE! But funny as hell…….

  2. Thanks. Can't say I approve of the color scheme though. If you're going to make a political statement with your shirt, at least pick colors that don't hurt the eyes.

  3. margotinto says:

    Sick and evil. You, the shirt, and your friend.

  4. Oh- Im not his friend….no no no….Im his sister- I guess we have the same funny bone.

  5. I think Margot meant the friend that owns the shirt, not you. You're still as guilty as I am for finding it amusing, but don't back down in the face of this liberal moralizing: That Shi(r)t's Funny!

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