We both switched doctors recently. I've had the same doctor as my Grandmother for the better part of two decades, but when Mel recently started seeing her, he woke me up to the fact that she wasn't much of a doctor after all. She didn't listen. She didn't explain test results well. She was judgmental and impatient.

Her score on RateMDs.com was abysmal, and the comments people left about her confirmed Mel's own evaluation: that she's only in it for the money.

So we switched.

It's hard to find a new doctor in Canada, but our friend Steve advised us that his doctor was taking new patients, and he rates quite highly. Justly so, too. I went in for my first full physical with him today, and he gave me a clean bill of health. He went over all the tests and assured me, one by one, that they were all good or great. He even eased my mind about my kidneys after my last doctor startled me by telling me I had lost 10% of kidney function. The new doctor said my kidney tests showed perfectly normal function.

He didn't rush me. He was friendly, and full of advice. I hadn't realized what I had been missing. Definitely happy we made the switch!

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  1. First off, i wanted to say that Im happy to hear about your kidney function not being an issue and Im so glad you got a second opinion on that. It means the world when you like your doctor doesn't it? Id drive 45 minutes (and do) to go to a doctor I love and trust…..so Im so glad the two of you found that.

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