In 2006 I decided to take up running. It was great – I really enjoyed it for the few weeks I was able to do it – but it led to a fairly steady pain in my right knee. Turns out my foot was pronating, because of my flat, flat feet, causing my knee to buckle inwards.

After consultations with the good folks who sell running shoes and with my old doctor, I got fitted for orthotics to straighten up my gait. That was in the winter of 2006/2007. Last summer, I didn't run. Not only could I not find the money for shoes, but Mel was waylaid by knee surgery, so I lost my running partner.

Well, I'm gonna give it another go. I bought a new set of running shoes this week (recommended by my chiropodist) that work with my orthotics to ensure my knee stays straight. I hope this works because I truly did enjoy my morning runs, but there's no guarantee.

The next step is to take the shoes in to the chiropodist so they can put me on a treadmill and record my gait – just to make sure the shoes are giving me the proper support. If I get the OK, I'll take the shoes to the gym and run for a few days on a treadmill.

If all seems well I should be out on morning runs within the next two weeks. Otherwise, the shoes will go back (I've got two weeks, as long as I don't wear them outside) and I'll have to give up on running forever.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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