We just had the oddest experience.

Driving home this evening, we were coming down Main towards our street when Read my Mind by the Killers came on the radio. Just at the start of the song there's a cymbal crash, and I had just enough time to register the thought that it sounded kind of like driving through a big puddle when, seconds later we hit a big puddle.

That happened just before we made our turn off Main Street. At which point the lyrics kicked in: "On the corner of Main street…."

Trippy, man.

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  1. Rinagirl says:

    Very interesting!! in a creepy sorta way 🙂
    hi Ron …Marina here…
    I'll show up just enough to comment!!

  2. Hey Marina! Glad you finally signed up! You're now part of our neighbourhood.

  3. Glad you weren't listening to "Crash into Me" by DMB…..

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