For those who have been following my sneaker-saga…

When we left off, I had given the treadmill a whirl and found that the mild motion control provided by my Mizuno runners kept my IT band from paining me too much. Turns out they didn't eliminate the pain completely though, and I found descending stairs on the day of the run caused me some discomfort, and that, the following day, my knee was a bit tender.

This morning I trekked off to my orthotics guy, who put me on a treadmill to record my gait. With freeze-frame, he showed me how the Mizunos were still letting my right foot roll in too much and he suggested I find a sho with more motion control.

So off I traipsed to the shoe store, returned my Mizunos and picked up a saucy new pair of Saucony sneaks. I go back for another gait-recording session on Thursday afternoon. The orthotics guy also suggested I get a deep tissue massage of my right thigh/hip to help loosen things up, and to apply heat to it before I run.

This is a lot of work! Running better help me drop those extra pounds that keep hanging around or else I'm gonna be pissed.

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  1. You know that you can wear ANY shoes (including flip flops) when you do beer curls at the pub…….You may want to switch sports.

  2. I think I've done too many beer curls (new term for me… love it!) already – and given we're coming into deck season, the Corona will likely start flowing faster.

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