On Wednesday, I had my remaining three wisdom teeth removed. The surgery went well, and wasn't at all traumatizing. There were some tense moments, but I just kept reminding myself to relax and breathe. Didn’t feel any significant pain at all, just a couple of minor pinches when the surgeon was injecting the freezing.

The top two teeth came out very easily – it took less than 10 seconds each – but the lower one was a bit more complicated, as expected. The surgeon made an incision in the gum, separated the roots by sawing the tooth in half,  then extracted both sides.

I got my Tylenol 3 prescription filled after the operation and came home to take it easy. Recovery hasn't been too bad – especially with the powerful pain killers they provide – but I do find I'm always hungry. It's hard to get full when you're restricted to soft foods. I had Ron pick up a rice porridge (congee) from Chinatown for dinner last night, but I still woke up starving at 5:30 this morning.

I'm going to try to take some more solid food tonight. We'll see how it goes.

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  1. Im glad the surgery went well Mel……those things are nothing but trouble, but it sounds like you are recovering well- except for the hunger. You should drink some of Ron's Stout Smoked Oatmeal beer- then I bet you wouldn't be hungry!

  2. Yeah, I had a taste of that Smoked Oatmeal crap, it was awful. I
    finally ate my first plate of solid food after a day and a half. I had
    a plate of pasta this evening while we were visiting with Margotinto.
    My face is still slightly puffed up, but I only had 1 dose of T3 this
    morning and switched to Ibuprofen. The disappointing part is though,
    I'm going back to work tomorrow 😦

  3. Meei says:

    After all these years, you haven't teach Ron how to cook congee? I am glad you are doing so well after the operation you described so horribly,,,

  4. That's because I'm don't know how to make it myself, never quite sure of the water-to-rice ratio. I think I tried making it twice eons ago and both times I failed horribly, so I gave up. Besides, no congee is as good as the ones we get in Malaysia, the assorted pork meat congee. Ron and I love the crispy stuff in the congee, too bad we can't get them here.

    I stopped taking pain killers 4 days after the surgery. There are still three gaping holes in the corners of my mouth, I was told they take about 6 weeks to close up. 6 weeks?! Geeze, I hope I don't have things growing out of those holes by then.

  5. Lex says:

    growing in the holes – EWwwwwww! When I had 2 of my wisdom teeth removed, I tried to convince them to take the tooth beside them instead. It didn't work. But those drugs sure did. Glad to hear the surgery went smoothly.

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