There are few beers I can't drink. I tend to avoid your basic North American lagers like Molson Canadian and Coors, not because they taste bad, but they're just so bland there's no point. But truth be told, I'll drink pretty much any beer if it's the only thing on offer. But really, I prefer a good British ale. And more than anything, I like a good stout – Guinness, for example.

So lately, just to prove to myself that Guinness is the best stout, I've been sampling some of the other stouts on offer at our local liquor store. And I recently came across this "beer" from Ontario (I use the term loosely) – a smoked Oatmeal Stout made by Trafalgar.

I love stout, I love Oatmeal beers. I generally like food that's a bit smokey. So I thought, why not? Because it's fricken' undrinkable, that's why!

This stuff is vile. The smokiness in the aftertaste is ridiculously potent. You could as easily drink a bottle of liquid smoke. It kicks in about 2 seconds after I finish a swig and it sends shudders down my spine. It makes me cringe.

And if you have any doubts about how truly awful this is, you should know that I threw out half the bottle. Lord knows I tried to finish it – I hate to waste alcohol – but I swear it wouldn't have stayed down.

Do not buy this beer. You've been warned.

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