I can't say I'm a huge fan of the Olympics – I generally don't care much for sport in general – but I am quite impressed with the new crop of athlete uniforms on offer from the Bay (er, sorry, HBC.)

They've strayed a bit form the standard Red and White, incorporating a few additional colours this year like green and blue. I think it looks really sharp. That and the use of Chinese design elements make the look quite substantially different from the designs of previous years. I might have to pick up one or two items before Canada Day.

You can see for yourself in the following video showcasing the designs.

Just mentioning the clothing wasn't my original intent for this post. I really wanted to show you the ads for the new line that have been appearing on the telly lately. They're quite creative, but they aren't widely available on YouTube yet, so it's hard to show you.

Basically, you've got a black background and a few people dressed all in black so you can't really see them. An athlete enters and starts to do his/her thing (eg. hurdling) and then the people dressed in black catch the athlete and hold him/her (imitating a freeze frame) while the camera rotates and the athlete starts moving again. It's a really cool effect. Kind of like camera trickery, but more low-tech.

You can check out two of the spots on HBC's website – just click on the "Design Inspiration" link at the bottom right and you'll be able to see the ads. I'll try to post them on this blog if they ever appear on YouTube.

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  1. Hey…I like some of that stuff too- I especially liked the all green CANADA shirt for women…..very nice green. Thanks for posting- I may have to stop by the Bay when Im home.

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