After several years of cobbling together the replacement parts on our old BBQ, we decided this year to just go for it and get a new one. Isn't it purty? All shiny and stainless.

Works like a charm too. Last night we had chicken wings and they were oh so good.

It's gonna be a wonderful summer.

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  1. send me your recipes……I LOVE wings! Cant wait until we are there- you can Q for us!

  2. margotinto says:

    Um, you look like a smiling wing-cookin' Henry Rollins here… been working out?

  3. It's a horrible picture, I know, The sun was right in my eyes and my old shirt is so washed out from the brightness. But it's the only person-shot Mel took, and he made me use it.

  4. I made you use it because I think you looked adorable in that picture! ~m

  5. margotinto says:

    I think you're both adorable.

  6. Lex says:

    What M.Tinto said!

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