High-end food is a rarity in Ottawa. Or at least good high-end food. Or at least good high-end food that doesn't cost an arm and a leg – I'm looking at you, Beckta.

last weekend we treated ourselves to a little top-chef-style cuisine at a local (and I use the term 'local' loosely) hidden gem: Mariposa Farm. It's a 300-acre duck and goose farm in Plantagenet that promotes local, organically grown products (both veggies and meat). So no sleeping in for us on Sunday; we had to be up with the lark to get out to Plantagenet – about 30 minutes drive past Orleans – for the 11am lunch sitting. Oh, the lengths we go to for good food…

But it was well worth it. The meal was pricey at $35 – but not unreasonable for the quality of both the ingredients (they either produce everything on-site or source it from local farms withing a small radius; something like 100 km, I think) and the food (some seriously tasty and inventive dishes). And this was a 3-course table d'hôte, so definitely a little more bang for the buck.

As for the dishes, they change every week, but we pretty much got to sample all three options available for each course. I was happy with all my own choices. The duo of duck and goose liver pâtés was a nice little starter, but the main course – grilled goose breast with pureed cauliflower, and a white currant sauce was to die for. The addition of a piece of rendered duck skin was welcome, offering a bit of texture in every mouthful. And it was served with fresh fiddleheads! Yum!


While I would usually pick the chocolate item for dessert – like Mel did – I was seduced by the offer of a cheese plate, featuring four locally made cheeses. Needless to say, I had my fair share of Mel's chocolate mousse too.


And what could be better? We ended the meal with a quick tour of the farm, guided by the owner. It was definitely a treat and, despite the distance, something we'll do again if ever we have foodie guests in town that don't mind a Sunday morning drive out to the country.


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  1. Rinagirl says:

    OMG!! thats such a good idea.. and the food looks sooo good! I looove fiddleheads!!! And the chocolate mousse looks yummy! the pictures are making me hungry.. gotta go wipe the drool!

  2. There's very little parking out there, so your motorcycle might make it easier for you to find a spot.

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