The weather has been very uncooperative lately. The weekend was a wash and any possibility of playing tennis or going running has been put on hold until the rains cease.

The weather isn't all bad though. At least it's helping bring our new garden along.

Last Thursday we went to a nursery and muddled our way through the purchase of plants and soil for our back deck. Gardening is new for both of us, so this is definitely a test. We managed to pick a few types of flowers and on Friday, before the rains started, got the hanging boxes mounted and the flowers in the soil – Petunias and Pansies and a few others that we don't know the names of.

All in all, we're happy with the look. We left one bed open for planting some herbs, and we still need to get a few more large pots for the floor – we'd like to get a hibiscus, and I want some begonias – but overall, very satisfied. We're about one week into this great experiment and everything seems to still be alive, and growing from the nice moist soil.

Still, they've had enough rain now. As you can see we have a hose, so we don't need nature to do all the work. And after all, don't plants need sun and warm weather too? I know I do.

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  1. Hey…looking good! Im always jealous of folks that grow their own herbs and keep flowers growing, but truthfully, I have no desire to do the gardening myself- I I guess Ill just remain jealous……

  2. It's not so much the actual gardening that I like – but having the greenery around is nice. If I could hire a gardener, I would have no qualms about giving up the actual work involved.

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