The week before we headed south, we bought a new toy – a GPS (or SatNav as the Brits say) – and didn't it prove to be the most invaluable little tool.

Aside from the obvious help in getting us to our destination, we found it really useful when it came time to find restaurants and stores. This model has a feature that lists "what's nearby" sorted into categories, and completely searchable. So put in "pho" and you get a list of local pho vietnamese restaurants, as well as tons of photography stores. It took us to places in Syracuse we'd never been before, and we found a pretty rockin' little Indian buffet up near the University.

This is a toy that's totally worth the moolah.

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  1. Oh- and I SOOO want to buy one of these for Johnny- well- to be truthful- I want it or me- but disguise it as a present for Johnny……you'll have to show it off to us when we get there.

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