For whatever reason, the musical duo seems to be making a comeback. It's refreshing, given the ongoing trend of promoting self-indulgent solo artist that's continuing to destroy great collaborations like No Doubt and BEP in favour of spotlight-hogging divas like Gwen Stefani and Fergie.

Sure, the duo seems most at home in the field of electronica, but at least they're producing great music without focusing on the cult of personality. The French duo Justice is one shining example, but there's also MGMT, Basement Jaxx, Cassius, Simian Mobile Disco, and to a much lesser extent Daft Punk.

Well, add another to that list. Walter Meego is a Chicago-based duo and, while I'm not entirely sold on their music, their song "Girls" is just about the catchiest little trifle I've heard this summer. It's got the simplest of lyrics, but that just makes it all the easier to memorize, so I've pretty much boppin' around the city with this song lodged in my ear for the past two weeks.

Walter Meego

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