When we stopped in Singapore for the last leg of our 2005 Holiday in Asia, we were unimpressed to say the least. Well, who wouldn't be? After the diversity and the fabulous cuisine of Malaysia, and the wondrous markets and night life in Bangkok, Singapore seemed little more than a tarted-up Ottawa.

Oh, it's nicer than Ottawa in many ways – it has a great subway system, it's clean as a whistle, and it has access to a proper beach – but that didn't disguise the fact that it's major draw is that it's a modern western city plunked in the middle of Asia. It was decorated head-to-toe in Christmas decorations, for Pete's sake!

No. Unless you enjoy shopping malls, Singapore isn't really a tourist destination of choice.

But then again, Singapore does have plenty to offer Canadians who want to get away from the snowy Ottawa winters – English is the official language, their work visa laws seem relatively relaxed, and (the biggest bonus) it's hot year-round. Add to that it's proximity to Malaysia (i.e. Junkii's family) and it becomes really tempting to try to find work there.

Still, even with all that, we're not sure it's a move we want to make. There's a lot to keep us here too. We've got great friends, we both have stable jobs, and we can be open about our relationship. Plus Junkii is starting another university degree and I don't know what I would do about storing my piano.

It's definitely tempting though, and it's an idea we're going to kick around between us over the next year or so – trying it on for size, seeing how it fits. If it still seems like a good idea, we might take a side trip to Singapore at the end of 2009 when we head back to Malaysia. That would give us a chance to gauge how feasible it is for each of us to find work there, and also to get a sense of how liberal it is for the gays.

No doubt it would be an adventure – just not sure yet if it's for us.

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