TGIF. Usually. This week it's TGFO – Thank Goodness Friday's Over. Not that it wasn't fun, but there's only so much imbibing one can do.

It was a flurry of friendship yesterday. And it was a workday too. Nonetheless, it still started at Noon! Mom, George, and Junkii all paid me a surprise visit at lunch and we scored seats on Sparks Street for a nice outdoor lunch – with a pint of Leffe Brune to boot.

Fast forward to the end of  the work day and I took off with a few of my co-workers to the Fox and Feather Pub to meet with one of our old colleagues and to catch up on how life has been going. Of course a few pints  were on the menu – Big Rock Traditional Ale from Alberta, if I recall.


After nipping home quickly for a bite, the evening had more socializing in store for Junkii and I – this time with friends recently returned from Boston. More catch-up and after a nice walk down to the bars on Elgin Street, we were able to find a spot to drink – yup, you guessed it – a few pints. Fuller's Extra Special Bitters (ESB) was all the rage.

But those friends had another party to get to and we had other friends calling us to Heart & Crown over in Little Italy. Here's where memory starts to get a bit hazy. Not sure when we arrived (11ish?) but we closed the bar. The pints of Boddingtons and the shooters (blowjobs?) made a lethal mix, but the company was wonderful.

Wow, four whirlwind visits in one day. You'd think I was some sort of social butterfly. Or at least an alcoholic. And I wonder why I can't drop a few pounds.

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  1. You make my life look down right pathetic….

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