Just a short video blog about the state of affairs on our back deck. You probably know that we're currently in the process of replacing the dividers between each condo unit, and we've been wall-free (privacy-free) for about a week. You can see right across the entire back yard.

The camera is a little shakey. You you might want to take a Gravol first, but if you don't view it in full screen you should be fine.

We're looking forward to the return of the construction workers, not only because we're anxious to have the job done, but also because this time we got lucky.

After years of hiring tradespeople and even working with construction crews in Ottawa, I'm pretty much convinced that the legendary "sexy construction worker" is a myth. Of course, once in a while, people get lucky and, praise be to Jebus, we got lucky this time. Here are a couple of pictures – surreptitiously taken, of course – just as proof of how lucky we are.


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