Nordik3With Junkii on stress leave, I agreed to take a sick day and join him for a day at le Nordik Spa in Chelsea for a massage and the baths. Twist my arm, right? Our massage was scheduled for 3pm, so we went early to enjoy the baths. If you haven’t been there, here’s the routine:

  1. Go to a hot room (steam room or sauna) for 15 minutes
  2. Douse yourself in cold water (the arctic pool for 10 seconds or the temperate pool for 5 minutes)
  3. Find a place to relax for 30 minutes – sitting around a fire, floating in the hot tub, lying down in a hammock, or reading in the nearby forest glade are all good options.
  4. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Nordik2It was a gorgeous day, but the weather network promised thunderstorms in the afternoon – another reason to go early. We managed spend those first 4 hours enjoying the routine, but just as we headed inside the heavy clouds were looming.

About halfway through the massage, I was awakened by a loud crack of thunder and heard the skies let loose. Perfect timing – get it out of its system while I’m indoors!

Well, not quite perfect it turns out. The lightning storm was still going on when we finished our massages. And the pools were closed until the lightning passed. That first bout of lightning lasted about 30 more minutes – and we entertained ourselves by reading our books under the eaves outside. It was stormy and spectacular.

An unforeseen benefit was that about half the guests left for home.

The lightning subsided and staff opened the pools again for about 20 minutes before the thunder cracks returned. More pool closures for 10-15 minutes – just enough time for half the remaining guests to pack it in.

By the time they re-opened, the spa was as secluded as I’ve ever seen it. It was so peaceful. We stuck around for two more rounds of hot-cold-relax before packing it in ourselves.

I slept well last night. 8 hours of relaxation can really take it out of you.


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  1. Oh Im jealous…I just LOVE that joint and I've been dying to o back…..definitely a must do when we are back in town. I hear Mum and Co are heading there today? How was the massage btw?

  2. The massage was much better this time. Last time (my first massage) I found the masseuse used too firm a touch. It hurt and was ticklish at the same time. Not a good combo for relaxation. This time I specified a light touch and it was sooooo much nicer.

    It's a beautiful day here – cool but sunny – so they should have a fantastic time at the spa assuming they went today.

  3. Lex says:

    Okay – what's this "stress leave" thing? I'm emailing!

  4. […] last time we went to the Nordik spa, they had acquired a bunch of outdoor FatBoys for lazing around in after your steam bath. Sooooo […]

  5. Meei says:

    Ya, what’s up with the “stress leave”, Junkii?

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